Some Handy Tips To Make Your Wall Paint Last Longer

When it comes to home renovation or decoration, wall painting plays an important role. Walls are all around the home and go through a lot of wear and tear, from bathroom to kitchen, bedroom to living room. A huge amount of money is spent on the painting procedure but if proper attention isn’t given to the walls and the paint, both will not last long.

No matter how much hard you try to avoid the stains, cracks and dirt, but still they are visible on the wall at some point. Wall painting if done wisely can help in conceal these problems and also add on a few years to the walls too. However, every home owner wants to make sure that the home walls always keep looking good and the paint stays for a long time. To get the best and effective results, follow the below listed simple tips:

Paint Peeling

Often you may find the freshly painted wall starts leaving paint in the form of peels. If not fixed on time, this condition can continue to expand making the walls look dirty and can also damage the wall. The main reason for this can be water leak, moisture or application of paint over wet surface. To fix this problem make sure you start the wall painting only after the pre-painting process. Moisture can’t be avoided but fixing the leakage problem and avoiding water contact with the walls can help in the long run. Take the simple steps mentioned above and you will see the difference in your home décor. Your walls will look tidy and clean.

Paint Cracking

This is one of the most commonly faced wall painting problems. During cracking the walls appear to be shabby because of the cracks developed over the paint coat. The reason behind this is the excessive thinning or incorrect spreading of paint over the walls. To avoid this problem, make sure you apply a layers of paint on the walls. You may save save some money by applying less quality of paint but ultimately fixing the cracks afterwards may cost you a lot more.

Prep Work for Painting

  • Fill any imperfections or holes with spackle, wait for it to dry and then lightly sand the patches. If the crack is still there, spackle it properly.
  • Scape away any cracked paint, peeling, then sand the area smooth.
  • Clean the walls if they are dirty especially in the bathroom or kitchen, and always take a damp cloth to clean the dust off the tops of doorways.
  • Fill the gaps with paintable caulk between the walls and trim before painting. Fill any divits and dings in the wood with wood putty, wait for it to dry, then sand smooth.
  • When in doubt, use primer. It hide dark colors, block stains, and help your new paint job last longer. There are many primers that adhere to glossy surfaces.

Choosing Paint

  • Choose a finish that is appropriate for the room and application, glossy finishes are the most durable, but flat finishes help to hide imperfections.
  • Use latex as it dries quickly and there are less fumes and it cleans up with water. If you are painting over oil paint, prime first with an oil-based primer.
  • If you’re concerned about paint fumes, get a low-VOC(Volatile Organic Compounds)

Follow these aforementioned tips to make your wall paint last longer. It is noticed that when people wipe of the dirt from the walls, the paint also seems to leave the walls. This generally happens when sufficient time is not given to the paint to dry off.

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