Ways to Improve the Air Quality in Your Home

It doesn’t matter whether it’s the middle of summer or the heart of winter, maintaining a healthy air quality and keeping the home warm enough when the temperature drops becomes necessary to avoid getting sick. Being able to control your personal home environment is one of the keys to feeling relaxed and comfortable there.

Here are a few ways to improve the air quality successfully.

Remove the Source of Bad Quality Air

Cutting down on the level of air pollution in our homes directly is a way to manage things ourselves. For chefs who generate smoke and odors that go into air around the kitchen, a fitted and functioning exhaust fan pulls the air out to the outdoors where it can disperse safely. Any cleaning solutions that use chemicals may emit an undetectable odor that is changing the composition of the air too. Look at the cleaning products in the kitchen to verify that they’re not toxic.

Check any heating appliances that use fuel to operate. Verify that they are not leaking pollutants due to poor manufacturing, lack of maintenance or their age. It’s always a good idea to position several monoxide detectors around the key points in the home to be alerted early to an air-quality issue.

Professional HVAC Systems for the Home

For larger homes, there’s a real benefit to having Toronto area HVAC technicians install a full HVAC system. The complete package includes filtered air cleaning, cooling and heating systems that activate depending on the needs within the different areas of the property. This type of system has been used for many years in offices and is now being deployed into residential properties for homeowners who prefer a proven system for their air quality and temperature management.

Switch Candles for Better Air in the Evening

Lighting paraffin candles adds petroleum remnants into the air which are breathed in. By switching over to beeswax candles, they work to eliminate contaminants already in the room. Toxins are also removed. Beeswax burns slower than paraffin, so a pack of these candles lasts longer too. They can be made from home or bought in a pack depending on your level of creativity.

Vacuum with a HEPA Filter

Vacuums can now be fitted with a HEPA filter that will capture miniscule particles in the air from chemical releases, cigarette smoke and other air pollution. Instead of using an old vacuum cleaner that is spewing dust out as fast as it’s cleaning the carpet, buy a newer one that cleans the air as it cleans the floor. Be sure to change the filter in the vacuum regularly to ensure it doesn’t become clogged up and stop working effectively. Look at the advice from the manufacturer to confirm how often the filter should be changed.

Improving the quality of the air you breathe at home is not only healthier, but it also makes it more pleasant to spend time there after work. You often don’t realize how bad the air has gotten until it’s either pointed out or you try an air filtration product and appreciate the difference it can make.