Special power needs of a server room

When designing a server room, it is very important to consider power and cooling needs says MovinCool.com. Cooling can be a major cost factor because if it is not implemented well, you may end up spending as much or more on power needed to cool the center as you do on power to operate the computers themselves.

You will need to select a good computer room air conditioner system. Such a system helps keep the temperature and humidity at a stable level, which is crucial for computer servers. It is recommended that computer room temperatures be kept within the range of 18-27°C (64-80°F), with a humidity level between 40%-60% rH.

A well-designed cooling system maintains these levels around the clock and within tight tolerances. They allow you to monitor the room remotely and will alert you if the temperature or humidity levels inside the room stray from the predefined tolerances. You should also consider spot cooling, which helps to stop the growth of mold.

Another important consideration is how you populate the server racks. This can have an impact on the power consumption and cooling of your computer room. It is recommended that you place the heaviest, most power-dense equipment on the bottom of the racks. This helps to stabilize the racks, as well contribute to better air flow. Since more air is usually drawn by power-dense equipment, you provide good access to cool air by placing such equipment near the perforated floor tiles.