Construction and reconstruction, decoration and redecoration this is something we all are pretty excited about but once the work starts we all face some problems and realize how poor service and bad management kill our jolly mood. To conquer this issue and make your construction work efficient and smooth Burflex scaffolding brings for you the best of services.

Our services include trained scaffolders, budget friendly designs, temporary internal arrangements and everything you have always needed from a scaffolding company, bringing an end to all your problems.

Scaffolding can be done in many areas like concert stage, exhibition stands, art projects but the main use is construction scaffolding.

Scaffolding is used in construction sites to provide a temporary structure for workers and as a material aid. We provide user friendly services within your budget.


  • Temporary roofing
  • Tube and fitting scaffolding
  • Access towers and temporary stairs
  • Chimney scaffolding
  • 2D and 3D CAD designs
  • Layher All around and protect systems

We could do all you need from a small chimney repair to a yearly program with our company. We provide you the best of services in every field. You ask for anything and we have it for you.

Scaffolding is provided by many companies but our company offers you the best of deals, efficient staff and all you would require during the chaos of construction and reconstruction.

All our employees are highly qualified and not just that but they have plenty of field experience and excel in whatever they do. Continuous training sessions are held for our employees such that they can handle any kind of circumstances without any trouble.

We offer you with a lot of solutions which can be used for temporary access to public areas, evacuation stairs and a variety of products which can easily bring an end to all your problems.

We certainly believe that our customer is the main priority and we take all possible measures to ensure the wellness of our clients.

Burflex scaffolding has carried out many projects in Lincoln, York, Sheffield, Leeds and many more places in UK. We have no limitations regarding size of the project, status of your company because for us our work is the basic priority and our clients are the most important.

We also provide some additional services like rubbish chutes, debris netting and crowd barriers bringing an end to all your problems during construction and reconstruction.