Many home owners believe that they have a lot of space in their houses and thus do not see the need of rearranging certain areas to create more spacing. This denies them a chance to enjoy the space available by making a few rearrangements. It wouldn’t take you long as you may imagine because even one weekend is enough for such a project. One of the areas in your home that really requires such rearrangements is the garage. If not properly arranged, a lot of space in the garage is put to waste. Thus the following DIY garage projects shared by Rocco Basile become useful:

  1. Recycle and repurpose.

Apart from contributing to the conservation of the environment, recycling also benefits the home owner. When you carry out recycling in your house, you save on money as nothing now goes to waste. Giving examples; muffin tins can easily be converted into storage bins after labeling them according to each section. They can be used afterwards to store little things such as screws, nails, beads and small nuts. Your storage cabinet can also be transformed into a storage unit for items like hammers, screw drivers, spades and other tools. This is known as repurposing as you have changed the use or purpose of a space to something else.

  1. Maximize space with shelving and storage.

There is a lot of space in most areas of your house that is not properly put into use. Take for example the garage. Most home owners don’t utilize the garage as a storage point and rather store their items in other areas. Creativity therefore is important and needs to be applied in order to design storage compartments suitable for different tools. One of these ideas that can be easily employed is ceiling storage racks which don’t need so much time to make. This will enable you to store tools easily and access them when you need to.

  1. Magnetic bits holder.

Making use of magnetic tool holders can also go a long way in saving you space. You can thus be able to store light tools like drills and be able to reach them easily when needed. Mounting a magnetic bit rack doesn’t take so long and therefore can just be done in a weekend.

  1. Make a pegboard wall.

This is among the low-cost storage ideas you can get to keep your garage in an organized manner. A pegboard is best fit to handle lightweight tools and objects offering a convenient alternative for storage of items. There are many instructional articles and tutorials to guide you on the installation process.

  1. Group like things using plastic tabs.

Grouping like items makes it easy for you when locating tools and also saves on space. This process can take time and is sometimes tedious but can save you the hustle in future while looking for important tools.

  1. Build a wooden tape dispenser.

If you are the type that uses the tape quite often, you can mount a wooden dispenser on the wall to make things easy for you and create order in the garage.