5 Maintenance Tips to Extend the Life of Your Vacuum Cleaner

When it comes to keeping the home clean, we depend on vacuum cleaners to suck up all the excess dirt and grime that builds up through the day. But what happens when your trusted vacuum cleaner starts doing a less-than-stellar job at picking up dirt? For one thing, don’t run to get a replacement. Most vacuum models are built to last, and with a few little-known maintenance tips, your machine will be up and running at full force, and you’ll have sparkling floors and clean carpets in no time.

1. Clean the Bag

If you want your vacuum cleaner to actually be picking up dirt, you have to make sure there’s actual room in the bag to store it. Many vacuum models use larger bags that allow users to not have to keep changing them out every month or so. Even if you’re using a vacuum that has a larger bag, however, it pays to be vigilant about keeping the chamber clean. If dirt and dust are building up inside your machine, it’s going to have a harder time of picking up grime. When your vacuum bag is too full, you’ll notice signs of struggle. Your vacuum’s suction quality will be much lower, and you’ll most likely see escaped dirt making its way back onto the floor or carpet.

2. If You Don’t Have a Bag, Empty the Chamber More Often

Many newer vacuums forgo the bag entirely, letting dirt and grime get swept up into a see-through chamber in the machine’s core. While this can be extremely helpful in terms of being able to see when you need to empty the chamber, it can also be deceptive. Some of these chambers can be much smaller than actual bags, and thus fill up more quickly.

Always pay attention to the level of fullness of the dirt chamber and try to clean it out before it gets too clogged. Some users recommend emptying the machine after each use. Many vacuums will have a marker indicating when you need to empty the chamber, but it’s best not to let it get to that point. Failure to empty the chamber regularly will weaken your vacuum’s ability to give your home a good, thorough cleaning.

3. Clean the Brush Roll

A brush roll is the part of a vacuum that rotates in order to suck up dirt and debris through the pipes. While a vacuum’s brush roll is made to last, sometimes longer items, like strands of hair or carpet fibers, can get trapped in the roll and weaken the vacuum’s suctioning capabilities. Though you don’t have to check the brush roll as often, it’s still good to get into the habit of checking it after every use just to make sure nothing is wrapped around the roll. The more dirt and longer strands are trapped in the brush roll, the harder and more unpleasant it will be to clean.

4. Check Filters and Adjust Levels

If you’ve bought your vacuum recently, it will most likely contain filters inside to sort through dust and maintain a purer air quality as you clean. These filters are great for keeping your indoor air pristine, but they need to be replaced quite often. There are plastic filters that can be cleaned with water and re-used, and more traditional fabric filters that need to be replaced often.

If you’re not at least cleaning your vacuum filter regularly, the quality of your air could significantly worsen. This could become unpleasant at best and dangerous at worst, especially if you’re in a household with someone who’s dealing with asthma or allergies. Another important factor of getting your machine to work properly is to use the different settings it comes with to clean specific areas. For instance, when cleaning a carpet, a lower setting could potentially damage the rug, while a higher setting could fail to pick up most of the dirt and grime you’re trying to get at.

5. See a Professional

Sometimes when you’ve tried everything else, it’s best to see a professional. Though most vacuums are built to last a good long while, even the best upkeep and maintenance can’t replace the quality of a professional assessment or tune-up. When it comes to older vacuums especially, it’s good to invest in fixing issues rather than splurging on a newer model. Bringing your vacuum to a trusted professional will ensure you a cleaner home for a longer time for a much less expensive price. If you need to clean certain areas while your vacuum is in the shop, like your carpet, consider a high-quality cleaning service like Palmetto Chem-Dry.