Newtons Third Law Examples in Everyday Life

Type in “Newton’s Third Law memes” in Google, and you will be amazed by the number of hilarious memes that has been created based on a serious, scientific law of motion. This particular scientific law has probably become a part of the daily conversation with people using it to crack jokes. Has any other scientific law become as popular as Newton’s Third Law of Motion?

The law states that to every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.
The statement means that there is always a pair of forces at work in every interaction. The two forces, one called action and the other reaction, are equal in magnitude and opposite in direction.
Let us illustrate this law of motion with examples from our everyday life:

How do birds fly?

With the help of their wings, of course! But the law at work in this process is Newton’s Third Law of Motion. A bird, when it is flying, pushes the air downwards with its wings. The air, on the other hand, pushes the bird upwards since forces result from mutual interactions. The two forces being equal but opposite balance up and make it possible for the birds to fly.

Have you ever fired a gun?

If you have, then you might have experienced that it recoils the moment you opened fire. This is because when the piston of the gun exerts a force on the bullet (action), the bullet too exerts an equal and opposite force on the piston, and hence on the gun as well (reaction). This force is experienced by us.

This law is in action even when you walk…

Yes, when you are walking, we exert a frictional force on the ground. The ground, following Newton’s Law, exerts a force on our feet that is equal in magnitude and opposite in direction. This makes the walking process possible. It is not possible to walk on a slippery surface because we are unable to exert the frictional force – the action, and hence there is no reaction from the surface.

Or jump from a boat to the shore…

The boat goes back, doesn’t it? That’s because you pushed it, exerted a force (action) on the boat. Following the law of motion, the boat too exerted an equal and opposite force on you, thus making your jump possible.

This law makes every single interaction in this world possible. It is responsible for the world working the way it does… From the flow of blood through our body to the way rockets and jet planes work, Newton’s Third Law of Motion is at work everywhere.

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