How to maintain the garage door

Garage doors are very important for the security and safety of the house, building as well as the vehicles. Garage doors are being sued for many purposes such as for show rooms, shops, warehouses and factories. Garage doors can be very powerful and strong. Because of security requirements, these doors are being made with different materials and each material is stronger than the other is. In the past, the designs of these doors were very practical. They were simply being made with steel or allmunium but know these doors are also being made with wood or glass. There are two type of garage doors, manual and electric doors. Manual doors have failed to provide the security. These doors are best for those buildings, which have separate security systems. Electric garage doors have built in security alarm systems and automatic locks, which is way these doors are best for houses or places, which have valuable things.

These doors can be as much dangerous as powerful they are. A little bit damage in the door can cause serious injuries to people and damages to the place. To prevent any kind of injury and damage, it is important to keep these doors maintained and in good working condition. This is the biggest moving part of a house or building and people use it many times a day, which can cause problems in it. Maintaining garage door is not a difficult task. With little bit attention, you will be able to prevent any perfunctory problem.

Observe closely

After some time of installing the door, start giving it close attention and observe its movement when it is closing and opening. If it is moving slickly, it means that it does not have any problems but if the door is rough and being stuck in places, it means it need repairing. The door will make scratchy noises too if it is not in good working condition.

Check the hardware’s tightness

The constant movement of the door can loosen up the hardware and it can cause the door to fall down. Just imagine how big the damage can be if the door falls down on anything or any person. You will have to check the roller brackets to know whether they are tight or not.

Check the balance

The unbalance door can increase the workload of the opener and make it wear down sooner than its usual time. If you want for the opener of the door to last long, you will have to keep the door maintained. To check the balance you will have to push the door half way above, if it remains put that means the balance is accurate but if not call professionals for help. You can find them near your area or you can also search through internet for the best door repairing company near your house such as Hollington Doors.

 Inspect and Replace the Rollers

Rollers of these doors are being made with two types of materials nylon and steel. Cracked and worn roller can be dangerous and needs to be replaced immediately. Check the rollers at least twice a year.


You will have to grease the moving part to prevent rust. You will have to do that at least once a year. This is not a tough job and takes 5 to 10 minutes maximum.